Zoho Connector

Welcome to Zoho Connector documentation space!

Here are a major features to be shared for Zoho Connector:

  • Add new Zoho Connector Items as much as you need and link them to Zoho Modules, Related Module fields, and the associated Jira Projects.

  • Simply Edit or Delete the existing Zoho Items from the Admin Section

  • Link Several Zoho Items to the Same Jira Issue

  • Search for a specific Zoho record and link in real-time with a Jira Issue

  • Unlink at any time and link to a new Zoho record

🗑 Please feel free to reach us for any help or support at any time by dropping an email to support@kobiktech.com

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📕 User guide

Start by creating a Zoho Connector Item from the Admin Page Section for Apps.


  1. Click on the Add New Item button

  2. Select the Zoho Module you need to Link

  3. Give a Name to this new connected item

  4. Select the fields related to the selected module you need to display

  5. Select the Jira Project to be associated with this new connected item

  6. Click on Link & you’re all set

You can Edit or Delete the existing Connected Items at any time, so no worries for later changes.

 Screenshot showing a connected item created

Here we have created a Zoho Connected Item linked to the Leads Module from Zoho and associated to only one project in Jira.